High-end residential photography is the heart and soul of Mountain Home Photo. With over 15-years experience in the Roaring Fork Valley, and beyond – we cater exclusively to the real estate and rental property industry. This dedication and focus means we understand what our clients need, and know how to get it – the first time.

Keeping up to date on emerging technology, delivering personalized service, quick turnarounds, and of course, outstanding photography, Mountain Home Photo is ready to help deliver the visual content you need to market your home.



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Michael Brands, Owner/Photographer



Evan Gaynor, Photographer

Petr Wiese, Lead Photographer

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Michael Brands is owner and photographer in Aspen, Colorado. “There is a sense of satisfaction when we help our clients and homeowners make the sale. I know we’re a small part of the team, but we are an integral part of the team, and I enjoy that. When a broker says ‘the photos sold the house’ (this does happen, by the way!), it’s a tremendous compliment.” An Aspen resident since 1994, he enjoys all the things the Aspen area has to offer, both in terms of natural environment and small town community. Michael is also a 16-year member of the Aspen Volunteer Fire Department. He and his wife Naomi have two daughters, Josie and Alex.


Though Evan spent the majority of his life in the midwest, he always felt Colorado was his true home. He moved to Glenwood Springs to pursue an Associates of Science degree in Photography at Colorado Mountain College, and is currently working to attain a Business Management and Leadership degree. In his free time you can find Evan hot dogging around the mountain on his skis or photographing the colorful landscape of Colorado.

Born in Canada and raised in Ohio, Petr Wiese is a graduate of the College of Wooster in Ohio and currently lives in Carbondale. Petr received a BA in studio art focused in photography and he is passionate about the arts, architecture and design. Besides photography, Petr is a classically trained pianist and has been playing and performing for 15 years. In his off time, Petr enjoys all that the Colorado outdoors has to offer, especially snowboarding. Petr can also be found volunteering at the Carbondale Clay Center or getting involved in the community.